accident/critical illness/hospital recovery insurance

Most health insurance plans today are high-deductible plans. This exposes you to thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs before your health insurance pays any benefit. Accident, critical illness and hospital recovery insurance provide dentists and their employees with cash benefits if they sustain an accidental injury or are diagnosed with a critical illness. Plans for groups or individuals are available.

LifeSecure personal accident insurance

LifeSecure Personal Accident Policy allows you to purchase a bank of accident benefits. If you sustain an accidental injury, simply submit your explanation of benefits form and receive reimbursement for up to the full amount of your benefit bank, less any deductible that may apply.

LifeSecure personal accident brochure

LifeSecure personal accident plan-at-a-glance

LifeSecure personal accident rate sheet


LifeSecure critical illness insurance

Purchasing critical illness insurance can be a form of re-insuring you against high out-of-pocket obligations. If you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness, these insurance policies will pay benefits that then can be used to pay your health plan deductible. The cost for critical illness insurance is low.

LifeSecure critical illness individual plan brochure

LifeSecure critical illness individual plan-at-a-glance


LifeSecure hospital recovery insurance

Stay in control and focus on your post-hospital-stay recovery rather than struggling to pay or worrying about unexpected hospital and recovery costs. Hospital Recovery insurance pays you a fixed daily amount for hospital confinement up to the calendar year maximum of 35 days.

LifeSecure’s Hospital Recovery insurance plan even provides a daily benefit for up to 4 days when you are under “Observation” in the hospital rather than an admitted inpatient.

Use the cash that is paid to you after you are discharged as you see fit to cover costs such as lost wages, transportation, meals, child care, housekeeping, etc.

Designed to be customized this plan:

  • Features issue ages from 18 to 85
  • Is guaranteed renewable for life
  • Allows you to choose a daily benefit amount between $100 and $900 in $10 increments
  • Can be purchased by individuals
  • Can be offered as a Group plan in a variety of forms
  • 100% voluntary enrollment by your employees
  • With employer contribution
  • 100% employer paid

LifeSecure hospital recovery plan brochure

LifeSecure hospital recovery plan-at-a-glance

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