Workers' Compensation Quick Quote Form - Law Offices

8820: Attorney/Law Office (attorneys, paralegals and other employees involved in investigative work):

(do not include corporate officers in the 8820 employee count or payroll)

Annual payroll for category 8820 employees:

7720: Detectives (private detectives and messengers who serve subpoenas):

Annual payroll for category 7720 employees:

8742: Messengers (legal firm messengers, excluding those who serve subpoenas):

Annual payroll for category 8742 employees:

8810: Clerical (court reporters, receptionists, bookkeepers):

Annual payroll for category 8810 employees:

9015: Custodial (janitors, maintenance personnel):

Annual payroll for category 9015 employees:

Corporate Officers/ Partners (sole proprietors not eligible):

Gross annual payroll for corporate officers/partners (list each individually):

* Required

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