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Group and Individual Programs Available

Today's financial world requires a wide variety of insurance and financial options to address both your individual needs and the needs of your employees. Member Insurance Solutions offers both group coverage plans as well as individual programs. For more information, or a personal appointment, please call us at 800.878.6765.

The Major Differences Between Simply BlueSM and Community BlueSM

The most significant difference is that with Simply Blue, the full contract deductible must be met before any claims are paid by BCBSM. Other differences include:

  • Office Services: Co-pays apply with Community Blue, deductible and co-insurance apply with Simply Blue
  • Emergency Room Co-pay not waived for accidental injury with Simply Blue
  • Physical, Speech, Occupational Therapy: Simply Blue allows 50% fewer treatments
  • Out-of-Network Referrals are subject to out-of-network cost sharing with Simply Blue

Word to the Wise

Never submit manual claims for multiple family members to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan in one envelope. For better service, use different envelopes.


Small Group Health insurance for Michigan Podiatrists

A traditional group health insurance program is owned by the business and offers all participating employees the same benefit options. Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan offers group health insurance plans that fit three categories of health insurance buyers. This portfolio is designed to offer each category of buyer a suite of products that have flexibility and best fit the coverage needs of each business. All these options are rich in benefits and sensitive to the budget as the business grows.

Listed below are the census form and other tools that you may need to manage your medical coverage.












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Coverage for Companies 2016 Product Suites Overview:
Click here for complete benefits overview for all suites available in 2016.

Optional: Blue Dental PPO Plus 100/80/50 with a $1,000 annual maximum and Blue Vision 12/12/24.

Chart abbreviations:

  • Coins: Coinsurance
  • OOP Max: Out-of-pocket maximum paid before plan pays 100% thereafter
  • OV/Spec/UC/ER: Copays for office visit, specialist, urgent care, emergency room
  • Rx: Copay for generic, preferred brand, non-preferred brand, non-preferred brand, preferred brand-name specialty, non-preferred specialty

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan eligibility and participation rules apply. To get a quote, please call 877-906-9924 or click here download and complete this group census form.

All plans have an embedded pharmacy benefit and all plans pay for preventive care at 100% before the deductible with no copayments or coinsurance applicable. Suites are standard packages and cannot be modified.








coverage for companies

With a group health insurance program, the business is the policy holder and all participating employees are offered the same benefit option(s) from which to choose. Employees may pay for all or part of their premium through payroll deduction. Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan offers group health insurance plans for groups of two or more employees. All plans are compliant with Health Care Reform and are categorized within products by platinum, gold, silver and bronze metal tier levels. For information about large group plans for 100 or more employees, please click here.


Small employers now are able to choose from three suites of health insurance products to
offer to their employees. Employers agree to pay a specific amount, or a defined contribution, for each employee's health insurance premium. Employees shop on a customized, employer-branded website to select one of the suite's four health insurance plans that suit their needs and budget. Dental and vision plans are optional. Employees may pay their share of the health premium through payroll deduction. Premium-only Section 125 plans can be established to allow employees to pay for their share of the premium using pre-tax dollars. This lowers their taxable income and your FICA taxes.

Please see the left-hand navigation, above, for information on suite a, suite b and suite e.

All plans have an embedded pharmacy benefit and all plans pay for preventive care at 100% before the deductible with no copayments or coinsurance applicable. Suites are standard packages and cannot be modified.


Community BlueSM group plans offer top-quality benefits featuring low deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. These plans meet the most demanding health insurance needs and are excellent for employers in competitive labor markets.

Simply BlueSM group plans meet your budget while savings your employees money. This family of products offers a traditional PPO plan and plans with health savings accounts or health reimbursement arrangements. The Simply BlueSMPPO HSA and Simply BlueSM HRA options are called consumer-directed health care plans and foster employee accountability for health care spending. Simply Blue Routine Care PPO silver and bronze plans cover preventive care at 100 percent and routine medical services with a co-payment and a multi-tier prescription drug plan.

Healthy Blue AchieveSM platinum and gold plans allow you to offer quality plans and reward employees and their spouses who commit to healthy living. When they do, they pay lower out-of-pocket costs. Those who choose less healthy lifestyles pay more for their health care.  Benefit levels are based on five metrics: body mass index, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and tobacco use. Each plan offers two benefit levels:
Enhanced: maximum benefit level with lowest copays, coinsurance and deductible
Standard: highest copays, coinsurance and deductibles

Blue Care Network is the HMO option available from the Blues and offers a suite of HMO products. Although less popular in the dental community due to the plans' managed care philosophy, these plans may be a good alternative for some practices.

If you are interested in either the Healthy Blue Living or the Blue Care Network health insurance offerings, please call 877- 906-9924 for more information.