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Member Insurance Solutions works with Zane Benefits to administer Health Reimbursement Arrangements. Learn how an HRA can help you and your employees control the cost of health insurance. Download the HRA 101 whitepaper from Zane Benefits.

Group and Individual Programs Available

Today's financial world requires a wide variety of insurance and financial options to address both your individual needs and the needs of your employees. Member Insurance Solutions offers both group coverage plans as well as individual programs. For more information, or a personal appointment, please call us at 800.878.6765.



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simply blue hra group coverage options for mgia members

request a quote buttonThese group insurance plans are designed to be paired with a heatlh reimbursement arrangement, or HRA. An HRA allows the employer to contribute funds for employees' use in paying health care expenses, such as deductibles and co-pays. These funds always belong to the employer and can be rolled forward to pay for reimburseable expenses the following year. Reimbursements are tax-deductible for employers and tax-free for employees.

Simply BlueSM HRA Platinum $5,000\$3,500
Simply BlueSM HRA Platinum $4,000\$3,000

Simply BlueSM HRA Gold $1,500\$500

Simply BlueSM HRA Gold $2,000\$750